Submission Guidelines

General submission guidelines

Please follow these guidelines so your project receives the quickest possible evaluation:


We will only consider emailed queries, so please send your query by email. Note that we won’t open unsolicited attachments, so if you want us to read your query, please keep it in the body of the email.

Ellen is currently closed to submissions other than referrals.

To send a query to Gary:

To send a query to Amy:


What to expect after your initial query: We generally evaluate all queries within 2-3 weeks and will respond by email IF INTERESTED.

If we want to see a partial or full manuscript, we will ask you to submit it by email attachment – either Microsoft Word or pdf is possible. As with initial queries, we ask you to submit all requested material electronically. We will make every effort to review requested submissions as quickly as possible, usually within 8-12 weeks.


Fiction guidelines

When making a fiction submission, please send:

A query letter including a brief description of your story and your relevant background, including any writing credentials (publications, awards, employment) you may have.

The first five pages of the manuscript (pasted into the body of the email).

Please do not send your sample or query letter as an attachment.

We are all different in our preferences and approaches, so please note which genre each of us represents (see our individual pages for more information) and direct your query to the appropriate agent. Please only query one of us at a time.


Non-Fiction guidelines

A Query letter describing your project

A detailed bio or resume including any platform you have that will help sell the book

If you have written the manuscript, please include the first five pages only, pasted into the body of the message.

If you have a proposal, please let us know in your initial query. If you don’t, be aware that, in most instances, to sell your non-fiction project you will eventually need to write a formal proposal – even if you have already written the manuscript (although we can sometimes sell memoirs without proposals).

There are many good books on proposal writing you can refer to for guidance on putting together a non-fiction proposal.

Ellen Pepus

Ellen Pepus


Gary Heidt